• Window Application for your business.

    We develop Microsoft windows aplication for personal and business to handel your local needs and requirements. Using to latest Microsoft technologies to ensure 100% satisfaction.

  • Website Charting

    Put real time javascript charting on your page using the latest in chart generating javascript code. This charting allows for drill time of information 3D vies and al typed of drilling down into data.

  • Model Avation Hobby

    I love to build and fly R/C aircraft in the Glider area. I also work with rotorcraft and other science projects.


Steve Watkins

Jazzusa. Jimi has done some great stuff for me and my website."

James Smoot IV
Does all of our backend site work."

Our Services

Application Development

Development of windows form/ASP applications.

Mobile App Development

Development using Xamarin.Android mobile.

.NET WCF-Webservices

Development of WCF and WPF webservices